Service Bulletins

Service Bulletins cover special maintenance, inspection requirements or modifications that owners/operators and maintenance authority holders need to carry out.

Service bulletins may be upgraded to the status of an Airworthiness Directive by CASA or other airworthiness organisations and where issues by Kavanagh Balloons will be approved by CASA.

Normally, if your equipment is affected by a service bulletin, you will be contacted by Kavanagh Balloons or your local Airworthiness Authority where an AD is raised. Our technical staff are available to assist with any questions you may have.

Where the Service Bulletin Status is given as ‘Complete’, no action is required.

SB Number Description Date Status Download (pdf)
KAV-SB-001 Smart vent/Lite vent pulling rope 2001 Complete N/A
KAV-SB-002 Automatic Fill Limiter spring 2006 Current KAV-SB-002.pdf
KAV-SB-004 Fan exhaust heat shield failure 2016 Current KAV-SB-004.pdf
KAV-SB-006 Fuel system inspection 2019 Current KAV-SB-006.pdf

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