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August 2016 - KAV-SB-004 released

KAV-SB-004 has been released and is in relation to exhaust heat shield failures on inflation fans.

Synopsis: An operator has had a fatigue failure in the Honda exhaust heat shield resulting in destruction of the fan blade.

This SB is to warn operators of the potential risk, provide and inspection procedure and repair details. Please be aware that this problem may affect any Honda powered fan.

As the manufacturer of a range of inflations fans, we would like to collect data from the field to see how common cracking is in this area. We are asking that operators report back to us with results of their inspections.

If you have any questions, please contact us during business hours on 02 9457 8060 or by email:

Mailing list is down

Unfortunately a recent merger of our web hosting provider has resulted in a loss of access to our technical documents mailing list.

While we work to recover that list and set up a new service, we will endeavor to contact customers directly when required.

We hope to have new mailing list service in place soon.

November 2015 - B-425 with new MM and FM documents

The all new B-425 is now on our type certificate and into production. A special thanks to Matthew Scaife and Balloon Safaris in the Hunter Valley as our launch partner for this model. The first B-425 is now flying and there are more orders on the books.

The B-425 will give operators the option of more lift for the same size basket when replacing an existing B-350 or B-400 envelope.

With the introduction of the new model both the AFM and MM documents have had an update and are available for download here

October 2015 - SAGA International Balloon Fiesta and Pre-Worlds

It is going to be a challenging year in SAGA this year with the pre-worlds bringing in a verfy competitive field of international pilots.

Australia has five teams in the competiton. Matthew Scaife, Nicola Scaife and Peter Weight are the three pilots qualified to represent Australia in 2016 while Paul Gibbs and Les Springett are also in the mix this year.

All Aussie pilots have taken their EX-60 or EX-65 racers and Les Springett has borrowed the Kavanagh EX-65 demonstrator for the event.

Good luck to all teams. Watch out for results on the SAGA website and follow the Aussie team on facebook

June 2015 - Maintenance Training

Kavanagh Balloons are planning our 2015 maintenance course for early November this year.

The current plan is for 3rd, 4th, 5th November 2015. The course is focused on practical aspects of inspection and maintenance on Kavanagh Balloons equipment.

Typically, CASA and other organisations have taken this training as a credit towards practical experience required for the issue of a Maintenance Authority however it is worth noting that the course alone, may not be enough to qualify as an MA holder.

Expressions of interest to

Get in early as positions are limited and will fill fast.

April 2015 - Nicola does it again!

Nicola Scaife, the current Woman's World Champion has taken out the 2015 Canowindra Challenge.

After a messy weak of weather and good hard competiton, Nicola finished ahead of Clément Seigeot of France with Sean Kavanagh taking out 3rd place.

It was a tight competition with Yudai Fujita, the Current World Champion finishing in 4th place.

Competiton ballooning is going from strength to sterngth locally and the number of pilots moving up to racers like the EX-60 and EX-65 is really lifing the quality of competitions.

September 2014 - First Woman's World Champion

Nicola Scaife from Australia has won the first Woman's World Championship in her EX-60

It is a fantastic result for Nicola who has been working hard to get to this point and built a fantastic team to make it all happen.

Nicola lead from the first flight and was kept under pressure by Elisabeth Kindermann of Austria and Agne Simibaviciute of Lithuania who finished in 2nd and 3rd Place.

Unfortunately the last flight was cancelled due to fog leaving the teams to celebrate the unofficial results on the field. For those of following the event back here in Australia, it was a tense period waiting for Facebook updates to see if they would fly or if the previous flight had locked in the final results.

Congratulations from the Team here at Kavanagh Balloons.

May 2014 - Australian National Championship Results

Congratulations to Matthew Scaife, winner of the 19th Australian National Championship and 2014 Canowindra Challenge.

Matthew flew a pretty much faultless week in his EX-65 winning with an average of 870 points. Not far behind was Sean Kavanagh in an EX-60 and third was Peter Wright in his EX-65.

It was an impressive set of results with racers dominating the results. The two new EX-60's in the field, flown by Nicola Scaife and Paul Gibbs also rounded out the top 5 positions with 4th and 5th respectively.

In the International competition, Yudai Fujita of Japan also flying an EX-65 took out 3rd place behind Sean Kavanagh and Matthew Scaife with Joe Heartsill from the USA finishing in 7th with another EX-65.

In a first for Australian competition, half of the field were flying racer type envelopes. The top 8 places and were held by Kavanagh EX-60 and EX-65's with racers filling all places down to 11th.

The 19th Australian National Championship and 2014 Canowindra Challenge results are available for download here : 2014_ABNC_CCI_results.pdf

Many thanks to the organisers and officials that made for a great week of competition ballooning. We look forward to doing it all again soon!

November 2013 - Tochigi Results

Congratulations to Takao Mizukami and Matthew Scaife for their fantastic results in Tochigi this year.

Takao Mizukami took first place in the international championship as well as securing 2nd place in the Honda Grand Prix while flying the EX-60.

Matthew Scaife finished in a very credible 5th place flying the EX-65 in only his second event in Tochigi. This is a spectacular result considering the years of local knowledge that most competitors at this event are working with.

In other competition news, Steve Campbell finished a very credible 22nd place in Saga. This was Steve's first international competition and first competition in an EX-65 as well.

Canowindra Challenge wins Silver

Finally, the Canowindra Challenge event, home to the 2013 and 2014 Australian Ballooning National Championship, has taken silver at the NSW Tourism Awards.

This is a major feather in the cap for Canowindra and the balloon event.

2014 is shaping up to be a major international event with 9 overseas pilots already registered. Visit to register or find out more.

November 2013 - Minimum burner requirements

Want to save some weight? Want to save some money?

Our double Crossfire burner is now approved for use on the E-240 and E-260 making upgrading that much easier on the hip pocket.

No special connectors, no larger diameter hoses, no extra noise. Just pure power from the most advanced burner design in the market.

Give us a call to discuss the new configuration options

AFM update

Revision 3 of the Kavanagh Balloons Flight Manual is now available and covers changed minimum burner requirements for the E-240 and E-260 with the KBS4-2 Crossfire burner.

Additionally, the equipment lists have been updated and include the long load frame option on the KST2715-A single tee basket.

Downloads for the FM are found in our documents section

May 2013 - Australian National Championship results

Congratulations to all competitors and organisers of the 18th Australian National Ballooning Championship.

All top ten pilots in the Nationals were flying Kavanaghs of one model or another but again the EX-65 and new EX-60 have taken out the top spots.

  • 1st - EX-65 - Paul Gibbs
  • 2nd - EX-60 - Sean Kavanagh
  • 3rd - EX-65 - Peter Wright
  • 4th - EX-65 - Matthew Scaife

The event was well run and some fantastic task setting by David Levin and his team tested all the pilots over 6 flights and 23 tasks.

Stock balloons

We also have two stock balloons up for sale. The EX-60 demonstrator and a new C-77.

As much as Sean does not want to give back the EX-60 he was flying at the Nationals, it is for sale with only 22.2 hours TTIS on it and no damage.

After a week of serious competition, Sean had this assessment of the EX-60:

"It is a fantastic little sport balloon that is a dream to fly - perfectly responsive and predictable. Like the EX-65 it has amazing top end performance in climbs and descents but it is in the small corrections that this balloon shines."

Pricing and photos are on the stock page.

News - Latest

June 2012 - Maintenance Manual Issue 4, Revision 5

The Maintenance Manual has been updated to Revision 5 with the latest revision covering maintenance procedures and an illustrated parts catalogue for the Crossfire burner.

Flight Manual Issue 1, Revision 2 ***UPDATE***

Revision 2 of the Kavanagh Balloons Flight Manual is now available and covers operation of the Crossfire Burner.

Additionally, the equipment lists have been updated detailing the new load frame configurations and additional baskets added to our range.

Downloads for both the FM and MM are found in our documents section

New 4.6m Double Tee basket

In addition to the Crossfire certification project, we have been busy with two new basket models.

We have just certified the new K8DT4615 (4.6 x 1.5m) Double tee basket giving passengers a little more room in our B-350, B-400 and G-450 passenger balloons. The 4.6 fits neatly in between the traditional 4.3m and king sized 5.0m double tee baskets.

New 2.8m Universal Access Single Tee basket

Two new modified versions of our KST2816 baskets are now available for passenger operations.

The first model is the KST2816-A which sports a wider upright pole position to fit the KLF1710 load frame. The 1.7m long load frame moves the burner much closer to the pilots compartment in the Single Tee making everything more ergonomic and providing a larger heat shield for the passengers.

Secondly, the KST2816-A-UA model adds a door for easy access to a passenger compartment by limited mobility passengers. The door closes with a simple latching mechanism and removable top frame section.

In addition to the door, a seat belt system is now approved for passengers along with a foam seating system.

The first of these baskets is being operated by Global Ballooning over Melbourne in partnership with Burt and Davies, a law firm that specialises in transport accident litigation.

March 2012 - The Crossfire burner is here

We know this has been worth the wait. After an extensive development and testing program, the all new Crossfire burner is going through the final certification stages for use on all Kavanagh Balloons.

Double, Triple and Quad configurations are going to be available first with a single to follow later in the year.

Key features in the new design are as follows;

  • Less noise and more power
  • Amazing performance at low pressure
  • Reliable liquid pilot lights
  • Unique sealing system
  • Smart lock lever system
  • Minimal maintenance required

Check out the photos in the Product shots gallery. The burner page will be updated soon with more details.

New products

It has been a busy year so far in the design office with work on our new burner nearing completion, new 13 and 5hp inflator fan designs, the all new EX-60 racer and a door access basket for Japan.

More details on everything will be coming soon but we thought we would just throw this little compilation of photos together as a little tease.

Australia Day 2011

As part of the traditional Australia Day celebrations in Sydney, Parramatta Park was yet again filled with balloons. For the first time in many years no balloons free flew as the direction and speed were not favorable however many tethered for the crowds.

Phil Kavanagh was one of the balloons taking tethered rides on the morning with donations going to charity. Photos from the morning and of his many passengers can be found here on our Picasa web album.

2010 Christmas rush!

We are now closed for 2010 and we hope that it has been a great year for everyone. We finished the year with a rush of new orders and a number of stock items running out the door to fill Christmas stockings.

2011 is going to be full of surprises and exciting new products from Kavanagh Balloons so watch this space for launch event details and information as it becomes available.

A special thanks to all of our customers and best wishes for 2011!

2010 Christmas closing dates

Our Christmas closing dates will be from 12.00 Wednesday 23rd December 2009 until 7am Monday, 10th January 2010.

We wish all of you a merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new year.

20th September 2010

Flight Manual update

As a result of a fire on landing in 2009, CASA have suggested that pilot lights must be turned off prior to landing in all situations. The following amendments cover this request for both normal and emergency procedures.

The Kavanagh Balloons Flight General Manual has been updated to revision 1 and the original C,D & E type flight manual has also been updated to revision 4.

Please download a copy to make sure all your documents are up to date.

3rd September 2010

Maintenance Manual update - again!

Issue 4 of the Kavanagh Balloons Maintenance manual has been updated to revision 3. With the recent changes to AD/BAL/13 for portable fire extinguishers in balloons we have had to make a few changes to the MM.

We have also added in a few new sections covering the latest modifications and options on our equipment. Please download a copy to make sure all your documents are up to date.

30th August 2010

Maintenance Manual update

Issue 4 of the Kavanagh Balloons Maintenance manual has been updated to revision 2. Please download a copy to make sure all your documents are up to date.

15th December 2009

Libra special shape takes to the air

banner Today saw the inaugural flight of the Libra Special Shape balloon, the first special shape designed and manufactured by Kavanagh Balloons.

The box is 19m high, 16m wide and 9m thick. With an active volume of 90,000 cu.ft and over 1000 sq.m of digital printing it is going to be a striking sight over Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane skylines in the coming months.

Unique for a shape such as this is the Lite Vent deflation system making it a very friendly balloon to operate over built up areas where landing in parks and ovals will be an every day affair.

A special thanks to Graeme Drummond of Balloon Sunrise marketing for signing us up for the project, Picture This Ballooning as the operators and Andrew Chapman for the fantastic photos from today's launch in Sydney.

2009 Christmas closing dates

Our staff are taking a well earned break from 12.00 Wednesday 23rd December 2009 until 7am Monday, 4th January 2010.

We wish all of you a merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Maintenance Manual update

Issue 4 of the Kavanagh Balloons Maintenance manual has been updated to revision 1. Please download a copy to make sure all your documents are up to date.

December 2009

A busy year!

It has been a busy year here at the factory with lots of new developments in the works, impending finalisation of our EASA certification project and just to wrap up the year, our very first special shape balloon - details to come after the official launch by the client.

Sadly this web site has not been looked after but plans are in place to keep it up to date and give it a freshen up in the new year. Among these are improved web site photo viewing with a new photo viewing technology in our web site. Where ever you see an image with a "+" in the top right corner, click on it to see a larger version or even a whole selection of photos linked to that image.

Over time this will be introduced over the entire site including the main photo gallery.

Flight manual update

The all models flight manual is now available for download in the documents section of the web site. Please carefully check the serial number and type certificate number of your balloon before applying the new manual as it does have limited applicability.

In changing over to the new manual you will need to have a weight control authority update the weight page in the new manual and you may need a new weight sheet issued for the aircraft if the GCW (Gross Certificated Weight) has been upgraded for your balloon.

Also note that under the new manual, all load calculations are based on a 100 degree envelope temperature where some models may have used a 110 degree chart in the past.

New banner printing technology

banner Kavanagh Balloons are proud to announce the successful test of the latest in green digital printing solutions for banner artwork.

Printed on tyvek this banner uses the latest in UV ink technology to produce a bright, sharp and vibrant image for the client with the added bonus of durability, including rub resistance and light fastness.

With the adoption of this technology to banner production we can deliver fast and cost effective advertising solutions with better results than ever before.

New fan guards

A new style of fan guard has been developed in house for use on our 5.5hp inflator fan.

The new guards feature extra strong bracing and captive nuts for fast assembly of the two halves.

The first model is available now and will fit 24 inch blades. A larger guard for 9 and 13hp fans is still being finalised and should be ready soon.

Stock envelopes

banner With a slight slow down in orders we have put together a few fantastic stock balloons that are ready for immediate delivery.

We have an E-120 and an E-240 awaiting test inflation and registration. Both of these envelopes feature the Lite Vent deflation system, rotation vents and scoop and are available for an amazing 17.5% discount.

With prices like these it makes right now the perfect time to update to a new envelope.

Stock Baskets

Along with the above envelopes we also have two single tee baskets on offer.

For the E-120 there is a 1.2 x 2.0m single tee basket in stock, while for the E-240 there is a 1.5 x 2.7m single tee waiting for a new owner.

Both of these baskets come with all standard equipment and also are available with the 17.5% discount.

10th December 2008

Christmas closing dates

Christmas and New Year have snuck up on us again. The factory will be closed from 1.30 pm on Friday 19th of December through till 7am on Monday the 5th of January.

It has been a busy year at the factory and we have been just a little to over run to keep the news section of the web site up to date - sorry! As such here is a wrap up of some of the things that have gone on in the last twelve months.

We look forward to seeing you in the New Year and hope you have a great break.

Australian Altitude record

Earlier this year, Sean kavanagh and John Wallington set a new Australian Altitude record of 37,839 feet in a Kavanagh B-400. The flight was part of a larger project to set a new wing suite distance record with Glen Singleman and Heather Swan using the balloon as their high altitude jump platform.

Unfortunately a complication with Glenn at altitude saw him leave the balloon before the planned altitude of 39,000 feet. The climb was immediately aborted.

The full story will be reported in the January edition of Australian Geographic with fantastic photos and details of the flight.

For those that can't wait, a link to the full 60 minutes story is here, or just the landing of the balloon can be found here

2008 World Championship

Poor weather again affected teams at the 2008 World Championship in Austria. Four teams represented Australia this year and while non achieved spectacular results, a good time was had by all. Congratulations to Sean Kavanagh, Paul Gibbs, Edwin Michell and Les Springett on making the long trip to Europe.

Stock Balloon

In between regular production jobs, our staff have whipped up a stock E-120 which is ready for inflation and immediate delivery. The envelope is heavily discounted and is the perfect balloon for a group one commercial pilot.

The design can be found on the Stock Equipment page along with a few baskets and other gear that is ready to fly out the door.