Flight Manual

The Kavanagh Balloons flight manual is a single document covering all models.

Downloads are available as a double sided perfect bound document.

The perfect bound version is required for folding into the same A5 format which comes with the balloon as standard. Printing set up is colour, landscape, double sided and flip on short edge.

A single page flat version of the flight manual is aslo available here for easy electronic reading. The page size is still A5 so will require scaling if you wish to print from this version.

Bound and colour printed copies are available for sale from our office.

Kavanagh Flight Manual issue 1, revision 5 - A5 perfect bound

Kavanagh Flight Manual issue 1, revision 5 - A5 single pages

Update pages

Normally we would provide a PDF with just the update pages. In the case of Revision 5, so many pages are affected that a full reprint makes more sense.

Flight Manual for older balloons

The original combined C,D and E Type Flight manual remains in effect for the following balloons until further notice. Contact our office if you require this manual or any updates.

C-56 prior to Serial Number 154
C-65 prior to Serial Number 292
C-77 prior to Serial Number 263
All D Types prior to Serial Number 321
All E Types prior to Serial Number 306

Documents are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Version 7 or above of the free Acrobat reader are required and can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.


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