Design Blanks

So you want to see how a colour scheme might look on your dream balloon? Here we have a range of design blanks than include wireframe drawings of the various models and panel charts so you block out your design ideas.

Either print the charts out and grab your pencil case and colour away or point and click in your favourite graphics package and then print the final design out.

B TYPE Design Blanks
Model Volume Download (pdf)
B-77 77,000 Cu.Ft. B-77.pdf
B-105 105,000 Cu.Ft. B-105.pdf
B-350 350,000 Cu.Ft. B-350.pdf
B-400 400,000 Cu.Ft. B-400.pdf
B-425 425,000 Cu.Ft. B-425.pdf
C TYPE Design blanks
Model Volume Download (pdf)
C-56 56,000 Cu.Ft. C-56.pdf
C-65 65,000 Cu.Ft. C-65.pdf
C-77 77,000 Cu.Ft. C-77.pdf
D TYPE Design blanks
Model Volume Download (pdf)
D-77 77,000 Cu.Ft. D-77.pdf
D-84 84,000 Cu.Ft. D-84.pdf
D-90 90,000 Cu.Ft. D-90.pdf
D-105 105,000 Cu.Ft. D-105.pdf
E Type design blanks
Model Volume Download (pdf)
E-120 120,000 Cu.Ft. E-120.pdf
E-140 140,000 Cu.Ft. E-140.pdf
E-160 160,000 Cu.Ft. E-160.pdf
E-180 180,000 Cu.Ft. E-180.pdf
E-210 210,000 Cu.Ft. E-210.pdf
E-240 240,000 Cu.Ft. E-240.pdf
E-260 260,000 Cu.Ft. E-260.pdf
E-300 300,000 Cu.Ft. E-300.pdf
EX TYPE Design Blanks
EX-60 60,000 Cu.Ft. EX-60.pdf
EX-65 65,000 Cu.Ft. EX-65.pdf
EX-70 70,000 Cu.Ft. Soon
EX-77 77,000 Cu.Ft. EX-77.pdf
EX-90 90,000 Cu.Ft. EX-90.pdf
G TYPE Design Blanks
G-450 450,000 Cu.Ft. G-450.pdf
G-525 525,000 Cu.Ft. Soon