The all new Crossfire burner is here.

Less Noise and more power

We have worked hard to achieve a burner that can extract the maximum power from your fuel while reducing the noise out put.

The unique louvered can design helps shield passengers and pilot from the noise of combustion at the start of the gas stream while enabling maximum airflow.

Amazing performance at low pressure

The industry first dual stage quad coil design not only makes the burner more compact but gives improved performance over a very wide pressure range.

Combined with the flow tuned jet design, the heat exchanger keeps working efficiently from as low as 50Psi. Overheating at low pressures is a thing of the past.

Reliable liquid pilot lights

The change to liquid pilots lights simplifies the fuel system with only one hose per burner.

Reliability and ease of maintenance have been key to designing the regulator/converter system in the liquid pilot light.

Unique sealing system

Constant lubrication of O-rings are a thing of the past. Using a unique type of seal for all of the valves we have achieved a long, maintenance free service life.

Ease of maintenance

Quick and easy access to all components is key to the design. Should any overhaul be required, the valve block can be quickly removed for work while simple work like pressure gauge changes, piezo ignitors or pilot light filter inspections can all be done from outside the burner with no disassembly or dirty hands required.

Smart lock lever system

Both the main and liquid fire valves are positioned above the handle bar for an easy squeeze action.

By putting both the main and liquid fire both above the handle we have reduced the chance of accidental operating the burner during inflation and landings.

In addition, both main and liquid fire valves can easily be locked in the on position and released with an intuitive second squeeze of the lever.

Crossfire double

Crossfire quad burner

Crossfire valve block