Below are just some of the accessories we have on offer. We also stock a full range of spare parts ready for immediate dispatch.


All models of Kavanagh Balloon are certified to use the following instrument packs

  • Ball 655 *
  • Ball 659 *
  • Ball M55 *
  • Flytec 3040
  • Flytec 4005
  • Flytec 6010
  • Brauniger AV Classic
  • Brauniger IQ Classic
  • Brauniger AC Competition
  • Brauniger IQ Competition
  • Aircotec Piccolo Plus
  • Aircotec Picoclo Plus ACT5000

Our recommended flight instrument is the Flytec 6010 due to its durability and range of features at a very reasonable cost.

Envelope Temperature sensing is available on the Flytec 3040, Ball packs and the Aircotec piccolo Plus ACT5000.

Details on each instrument pack can be found on the manufacturers website.

Flytec  Brauniger  Aircotec

* note: These Ball packs are no longer in production but may be available second hand.

Inflator Fans

Our new 5.5hp and 13hp fans are now available. All fans use the easy to start and reliable, direct drive four stroke honda engines in 5.5 and 13 hp sizes.

Stainless Steel frame - The frame is a stainless steel tubular frame for maximum strength and a corrosion free life.

New guard design - An all new powder coated two piece guard designed specifically for our fans allows maximum airflow and strength. They also look great.

13hp Carbon fibre propeller - An all new custom designed carbon fibre propeller for our 13hp fans pushes an amazing amount of air with less noise and maximum efficiency. 5.5hp fans still come with a traditional wooden prop.

Full tilt adjustment - Both the 5.5hp and 13hp fans have 20 degrees of vertical tilt adjustment to make your inflations even easier. A simple adjuster allows you to lock the fan at the angle you want with a light weight twist of a knob.

4 wheels - The four wheel design allows for secure placement of the fan with a simple sideways movement away from the basket if the fan needs to be moved in a hurry. The design allows for easy tilting onto two wheels for movement of the fan and easy loading on and off trailers.

More Product Shots here

Quick Releases

Known as the "Three Ring Circus" this proven quick release device guarantees a controlled launch in even the most extreme conditions.

Quick and easy to assemble, the release can be supplied as a stand alone unit or with all required rope bridles and launch ropes.

Karabiner Keepers

These nifty little rubber loops will help tame your flying wires.

Once installed onto your karabiners, the durable rubber loops will keep the flying wires in place at the correct end of the karabiner helping to reduce tangles during rigging. Fitted as standard on all new balloons, you can easily add these to your existing balloons.

Give them a go, your crew will love you!